Picking right font for your Logo/artwork is what makes the brand you are designing/designed will stand out in the market. It represents the message and picture of that brand.

Designing Abstract and sharp logos is one of the latest trends in 2013 and there are so many beautiful fonts even for free out there on web. The sharpness of thin fonts is eye-catching and it increases the legibility and commitment of the brand to their customers. They also give more modern and energetic look to the brand. Some of the real logos using thin fonts are –

Belk-Logo - example for thin fontscoco-fleur-logoEventsByKristenLogo - example for thin fonts

So in order to help you guys, we picked 9 Very thin fonts that will make your brand stand out.



This typeface looks very trendy and suitable for Fashion Brands. The corners of the letters are as smooth as that of a wine glass. The font is free for commercial use.

Download ACCENT font for free.

BAMQ Typeface


BAMQ typeface is designed based on geometric shapes and spaces. It’s clean, symmetrical and also visible in small size. This typeface design is inspired by modern minimalist architecture. More suitable for Magazines.

Download BAMQ typeface for free.

CHE’s Bone


Each letter in this typeface has a bone shape. The shapes of the letters are very clear that even when used in small sizes, it’s easy to identify that the letters have bone shapes. As you can easy guess, more suitable for Dog related brand and artwork.

Download CHE’s Bone typeface for free.



Cosmo Path Type is a handmade EPS font. The project was inspired by cubicles, spaceship, triangle fashion pattern and the simple two-points-make-a-line graphic geometry that Adobe Illustrator’s pen path tool utilizes. It is more suitable for science fiction related design. It is free for personal and commercial use.

Download Cosmo Path typeface for free.



This typeface design is also based on geometrical shapes and spaces. This typeface is clear, electrifying and visible even in small sizes.

Download FORESEE typeface for free.



Geogram typeface is a new font exploration based on modern shape geometric forms. The font contains lower case letters and numbers of the shapes.

When I used this typeface, I felt like I started learning shapes – geometry and angles – trigonometry again! Awesome work.

Download Geogram typeface for free.




Looks very Modern and Techy when used in Large size. Author originally designed this typeface as a typographic poster for an exhibition titled ‘Age of New Generation’, this typeface was further developed into a complete typography set titled HYPED font.

Download HYPED font for free.



The name comes from the Latin, is meant sequence this sequence is the main characteristic of the font. Sequi includes a total of 360 awesome glyphs. Even though this typeface has very thin lines, they represent roughness, strength and courage. More suitable for sport involving hiking, mountain ranging related art/designs. Download Sequi typeface for free.

NATIVE Typeface


Author designed this typeface based on a very geometric table. The sharp angles and triangles formed from these angles inspired the name and use of this font.

Download Native Free typeface.

We would be really happy to see your artwork/designs using the above typefaces. Don’t forget to upload your artwork/designs and comments in the comment field below.

Check back to See more thin typefaces.