One picture is worth a thousand words – Chinese Proverb

If you show a design or any kind of work to do to a client, your work speaks to your client and it makes them say YES or No to your work.

I still remember my first steps as a designer 2 years ago. It was difficult for me come up with design ideas that captured my clients imagination at that time but after I started following works by other designers, I started wondering what made their designs speak to us (I mean the designs expresses a message to who ever see’s them, whether it is a logo or website or brochure or flyer). It’s all about the CONFIDENCE AND PASSION of the designer that speak through their designs.

Getting to this stage does not happen overnight. With consistent observation and practice, one day it will happen and without you noticing it. In order for your designs to speak about your confidence and passion, you have to first develop them which is not as easy as it sounds. But it can happen one day.

Please follow the link 9 Steps To Improve Your Design Confidence by Steven Bradley to learn the ways to improve confidence.

The article is very inspiring and a must read by every young designer like me.

Also please share your stories of how you developed confidence as an young designer/developer.