Lotus is a beautiful flower with mild fragrance that fills the surroundings with pleasant feeling. It has been believed that Indian Gods and Goddesses carry Lotus in their hands as a symbol of Happiness and Wealth. Goddess Lakshmi resides in a lotus to symbolize Knowledge and Wealth. Lotus has lot of significant in Yoga as well. I was very fortunate to grow in a pleasant Indian village surrounded by lotus ponds and gardens. But after I came to USA, It’s been really long time since I had such a beautiful feeling as I once had in my childhood.

I recently visited my friend studying for her Masters. She gave me a nice tour of her college, library, Conference room, cafeteria and finally to her college gardens which are AMAZING. There are lot of small ponds for students to relax and study better. The gardens are full of different flowers, vegetables and fruits. But of all the amazing places I saw there, only 1 place filled my heart with the SAME pleasant feeling as I once had when I was a kid. It’s the gorgeous LOTUS PONDS. The lotus ponds were full of Lotus flowers with an amazing palette of colors. We just sat there and spent most of the day at the pond.

The tour and the lotus ponds inspired me to create some art work using lotus shapes. The shape of the lotus flower can be used as a background on any artwork and instantly brings it to the next level. I think that’s the reason lotus art has been inspiration for many Hindu Artists and artwork.  As Lotus flower is considered Divine in our culture, I named my art as DIVINE LOTUS ART.

Feel free to download the illustrator file and use it. If you know how to use illustrator, you are free to re color, tweak and twist them in any way to make them suitable for your projects. I love to work on illustrator. The power of illustrator brushes is really endless.

If you want me to create some custom artwork for you, drop a comment below along with your email address. We will collaborate with you on your art project.