In our last post – The way Handwritten fonts changed Marketing, we saw around 20 wonderful handwriting style fonts worth downloading. There are plenty of handwriting/script fonts available for free download. Designers work for hours to think and design each letter before they give us for free. There are commercial fonts in the market which are perfect for our design works. But it’s fun and good to experiment with free fonts too. Some of them are really worth downloading and saving. This is my opinion though.

We experimented with lot of free script fonts and here we present 12 free fonts worth downloading. Some of them has pro versions to buy too. But free versions are just fine to use.

  1. Ananda Neptouch  – Download Ananda Neptouch
    Samarkan is a very well known Devanagari style typeface. The letters in Samarkan have smooth faces. Similar to Samarkan typeface, here we see Ananda Neptouch  and Ananda Neptouch 2. Ananda Neptouch is another typeface inspired by Nepali Devanagari script with no horizontal bar on top of the letters. Ananda Neptouch version 1 letters look sharp unlike the second version which has smooth letters similar to Samarkan and looks very beautiful.
    Download Ananda Neptouch 2
  2. Black Board Ultra – Download Black Board Ultra
    When I saw this font, I remembered my father’s handwriting on his black board. My father was a lecturer and I was fortunate once to go to his college and listen to his lecture. He is old fashioned and he always prefer to use black board to teach his students even today. It’s one of most memorable moments for me with my dad.
    Black Board Ultra typeface is suitable for large prints and headings.
  3. BORGAN – Download BORGAN
    Borgan typeface looks clear with all capital letters that are bold and transparent with a solid stroke. Looks good in medium to large size headings.
  4. Braxton – Download Braxton
    Braxton is a Beautiful and crisp typeface. Looks good in all sizes.
  5. CYN Fonts –
    CYN Fonts has nice collection of different script fonts. You can find nice handwriting style to horrible unable-to-understand kind of handwriting style in their collections. Don’t forget to check them out!
  6. FRONQUI – Download FRONQUI
    Fronqui typeface has thin letters and all are caps. Looks good in medium to large size headings.
  7. Garineldo – Download Garineldo
    The letters in Garineldo typeface has smooth and simple curves. This kind of typeface is suitable for a correspondence to loved ones.
  8. Garineldo SC – Download GarineldoSC
    Garineldo SC typeface is almost similar to it’s earlier version with few changes. This typeface is small caps by itself with more glyphs and decorative contextual alternates.

  9. Go-Boom – Download Go-Boom
  10. Kurt-demo – Download Kurt-demo
    More suitable for headlines. Also for little kids story book illustrations and headings.
    The letters are straight and crisp. It feels like someone who pays attention at each letter created this typeface.
  11. Pops – Download Font-POPS
    Suitable for short messages and headlines. The letters look very very close to parents or grandparents handwriting. I loved this font very much.
  12. Spectra Normal – Download Spectra-Normal
    When observed closely the letters of this typeface looks like they have been made using filled polygons. Spectra font looks different and good  in large sizes.

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