Last week, I went to a movie and watched ‘Rise of the Planet of the apes’ movie trailer. It’s nice and I liked the movie title especially the font they used for the title. It’s broad and looks clean. So after I came home, I searched if anyone posted any information regarding the font of the title. Finally I found one and I downloaded it. Actually they named the font as ‘Planet of the Apes’ font. I used my own company name ‘Siris Graphics’ with the same font as the title of the movie, to experiment couple of effects in Photoshop and I finally arrived at the below Grunge Rust Metal effect.


As a finishing touch I included my Logo tied with the rust metallic chains.

The grunge background in the image gave the text 3D look.

As ‘Planet of the apes’ font is very wide, what ever effects you apply for your text even when you are using small size, the effects looks nice.

If you also want to experiment with this font, here is the link to download it-

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