Nature is the best teacher we could ever get. The vibrant color harmony of the nature provides best composition for our designs. It’s the ultimate color swatch we can find.

When we went to Martha’s Vineyard, I was thrilled to see the color harmony of the nature, the calm beaches and the open skies. The trip was extremely relaxing and it was nice for a change to not rush everywhere. While we were visiting Oak Bluffs, the Gingerbread houses caught my eye. The charming and colorful houses surrounded by beautiful greenery and open pathways is simply Gorgeous!

My trip inspired me to create these Gingerbread color swatches  and brushes for Photoshop CS5 as a memory of our trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Hope these will help you unleash your creativity. Please download the swatches here or go to downloads page to download them.

Instructions to add the swatches to Photoshop:

  1. Download the zip file and save them on your computer.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file and open the folder to view all the 27 color swatches.
  3. Copy the ‘Ginger Bread’ color swatches and paste the swatches in your Photoshop default swatches folder (User –> AppData –> Roaming –> Adobe –> Adobe Photoshop [cs5] –> Presets –> Color Swatches).
  4. Now open Photoshop and if your swatches window is not already open, go to window –> swatches to reopen it.
  5. To open our new ‘Ginger bread’ swatches from your swatches window, click the icon as shown below to open the menu.
  6. Click the ‘Load Swatches…’ option. Now your Color Swatches folder will open by default and there you can see your new color swatches.


Enjoy your designs with new Ginger Bread colors.