A Handwritten correspondence to your clients /customers makes them feel like they got something from a really close acquaintance, because it reflects the sender’s character.

In this modern age of emails, tweets, text-messages, handwritten letters are long gone from existence. Of course in this age where thinking and doing  gained jet speeds, it’s highly impossible to sit, think and write a letter with our own handwriting. Whether it is for personal purpose or for marketing purpose, handwritten letters or correspondences are always tough. But don’t worry. We have got an excellent solution to gain that feel again in these modern times.

Recently I observed a remarkable chance in marketing correspondences. For example, if anybody of you noticed the commercials of the following companies lately-

  1. Epiduo – Watch the video here!
  2. E Harmony – Watch the video here!
  3. Luminosity – Watch the video here! 
  4. Old Navy
  5. Scion Motivate program
  6. Safeway
  7. GE and
  8. Staples

All these brands, changed their marketing style using handwritten fonts, doodles to go closer to their customers. I love to watch commercials on TV. It’s a remarkable change in the marketing style. The first one I saw was Epiduo in 2012. After that bunch of other companies started doing commercials in this way. Even though handwritten letters are long gone, their legacy will be always there. Inspired from that legacy, designers have been working hard to create handwritten fonts, sketchy doodles to keep that legacy. Thanks to them now we have a solution to create design works, wireframes using these handwritten fonts, sketchy doodles.

Last year I created a Facebook front cover image for my friend’s company called Nathan’s Chart. It’s an automated tracking tool for kids with feeding tubes. The company was named after my friend’s son called Nathan who passed away last year with Cockayne Syndome. So for the cover we used Nathan’s menu planner readings.


The handwriting style of the report was completely done on my computer using handwritten fonts. The style of the letters made complete sense of the tool. The report image looks natural as if somebody made it for Nathan in reality.

So in order to help you guys, we are providing 20 handwritten fonts that are worth downloading.

1. Acornacorn

This font is available in 2 weights. Normal and Bold.

Download Acorn typeface.









2. All Hail Juliaall hail

The curvy style depicts a small kid’s handwriting.

Download All Hail Julia typeface.







3. Alright Scrapbookyalright

This typeface is similar to All Hail Julia typeface except this typeface is not as curvy as All Hail Julia typeface.

Download Alright Scrapbook typeface.







4. Bispo Novapromotion_posters

The calligraphic style of this typeface looks good for personal letters.

Download Bispo Nova typeface.









5. Brain Flowerbrian flower

Download Brain Flower typeface.








6. Claire handclair hand

This typeface looks similar to Brain Flower typeface.

Download the Claire Hand typeface






7. DominiqueDominique

The curves of this typeface looks very feminine. Suitable for kids posters.

Download the Dominique typeface








8. Engineengine

Download the Engine typeface.













9. Estoy_buenoestoybuenoprev

I love this typeface a lot. This typeface looks very similar to my nephews handwriting.

Download the Estoy Bueno typeface.








10. Five minutesFive-Minutes

I think this typeface is more suitable for wire framing.

Download Five Minutes typeface






11. Ginny BrushginnyBrush

Download Ginny Brush typeface.






12. Graham HandGraham

Download Graham Hand typeface.









13. Look UpLook up

Download Look Up typeface.














14. MAILinhmailinh

Download Mai Linh typeface.










15. Passaupassau

Download Passau typeface.






16. Quirky NotsQuirky Nots

Download Quirky Nots typeface













17. Scribbledscribbled

Download Scribbled typeface.











18. Sketch gothicsketch

Download Sketch Gothic tyepface.







19. SoymilkSoymilk

Download Soymilk typeface.









20. SpringtimeSpringtime

Download Springtime typeface.










Check back for more Handwriting Fonts.