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Siris Panchangam was our attempt to bring the Hindu Panchangam to Android market. When we started this effort, there were no apps that reliably provided panchangam information. Siris Panchangam will provide the panchangam (astrological data) for the day based on the location selected. It takes 2 simple peices of information to get you started. The nearest city supported for your region and the desired date.

The credit for creating all this data goes to though. They did a stellar job at producing this data and providing it to everyone for use. The app itself is written in Flex 4.6 framework. So you will need Adobe Air to be installed on your android phone to be able to use this app.

We are currently working on extending support for various locations, layouts, resolutions and also the most important feature (for us, since we are also regular users of this app): preferences, so we can store the location information once.

Please find the current version of Siris Panchangam at the following location:

Active Internet connection
Adobe Air Installed