I have a toddler and 2 infants at home. Very hectic daily schedule for my husband and me. On top of it, we started online preschool classes in January this year for my toddler. I always regretted that I should have started her online school later but just not now but good thing was she loved her teachers and classmates eventhough making her sit and learn was hard! Really really hard!

Even though I hate online classes concept, there were lot of good things I liked about my toddler’s online class and one of them was her teacher’s routine morning question to their students. “How are you feeling today?” My toddler used to shout “I am very very Happy!!!!” That one small answer from my toddler made me feel like yes we did a good thing signing her up to online classes. I mean all kids in her class used to shout loudly that they are very very happy. It feels so good to hear that. I simply loved it! Then the teacher asks her students, how much happy are they? They reply by keeping their hands wide open!!! Amazing experience to witness that! Tiny kids with big smiles! Whenever I saw that I felt like I should measure their happiness. That would be awesome right!

Today I want to share my thoughts about happiness with my friends because this whole world revolves around that one most important emotion which we cannot measure but treasure. That is HAPPINESS! Everything revolves around this most powerful word!

Ok ok but what is Happiness? Actually we cannot define happiness. Don’t you agree? Let me tell you! There is a minimum criteria to be happy but what is the maximum limit? There isn’t a maximum limit because feeling happy is subject to an individual’s independent emotional capacity. Some people feels happy at a very minimalistic level. Small things makes them happy but on the other side, some people never feels happy or satisfied how much we try to make them happy. It just depends on the individual.

Happiness is such a good emotion which we cannot measure but treasure it like mothers love. Whenever we feel not-so-happy, it’s important to remember the happy moments in which we lived to get us back on track. The happy moments can be from near past to our childhood or sometimes a happy moment that we would like to happen in near future also gives us positive energy.

Have you ever noticed that some people have amazing skills at being happy all the time no matter what comes on their way. They either have a gifted heart that keeps them always smiling or they simply hide their emotions! But whatever might be the reason, it is hard to feel happy all the time. Sometimes the other person always keeps happy face just to make his/her friends and family members happy. They feel happy by seeing and making others happy. This is called a WIN-WIN happiness strategy. I wish this whole world follows win-win happiness strategy!

Always remember you are the starting point to your true self happiness. It has to start from you and extends beyond. Lot of other emotions inside you influence your true self happiness but it is always you who has to stay calm and get back to your true self happiness. I know it is hard but definitely not impossible.

Always remember “A happy person —> a happy family —> a happy society —> a happy place —> a happy state —> a happy country and it makes this whole world a happy place to live”.

Stay safe, stay healthy and always be happy that not only you but people around you are also happy. That is True happiness.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!!!
(Let the entire world be happy)