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Welcome to our Blog where we share our creative thoughts and ideas. Don’t forget to drop a comment. We are happy to hear from you whether this is about improving the content of the blog or a request to upgrade our plugins, we will surely respond your requests.

— Sridevi & Vamsi

Happy New Year 2012

Hi, Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I wish all your hopes, aspirations and desires come true. Also please keep supporting Green in this new year to keep our planet green and safe. When you see this card, probably you wonder how come anyone would...

Grunge Rust Metallic Text effect in Photoshop

Last week, I went to a movie and watched ‘Rise of the Planet of the apes’ movie trailer. It’s nice and I liked the movie title especially the font they used for the title. It’s broad and looks clean. So after I came home, I searched if anyone posted any information...

Sahasra Padmam

Hi Readers, This is my first post on my blog and its about my artwork called Sahasra Padmam. ‘Sahasra’ means thousand and ‘Padmam’ means lotus in Telugu, my mother tongue. Telugu is the official language of the state Andhra Pradesh, India. There is a unique specialty...