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DC United Temples

DC United Temples

DC United Temple is the website for the United Association of Hindu and Jain Temples [UHJT]. UHJT had been looking for a simple way to organize their site and major religious events. In 2012 they reached out to Siris Graphics to simplify their sales for vendor stall sales, event ticketing and sale of placements in their souvenir pamphlets.

Siris Graphics took on this challenge to organize their ever changing information and create a place for all their member organizations. Each member organization received their own place to introduce and promote themselves on the site.

Key Capabilities:

  1. Booth Sales
    1. Corner Booths
    2. Premium Booths
    3. Regular Booths
    4. Non-Profit Booths
    5. Food Sales Booths
  2. Ticket Sales [Multiple Classifications]
    1. Adult Tickets
    2. Child Tickets
    3. Student Tickets
    4. Elderly Tickets
  3. Discount Implementation
    1. Coupon Discounts
    2. Age Discount
    3. Bulk Discounts
    4. Combo Discounts



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October 24, 2013