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Vamsi Krishna Pulavarthi

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Recent Work

Siris Login Widget for WordPress

Recently I was working on a project where I needed to show different menu’s on the sidebar based on the role with which the user was logging in. As usual I went our trusted source to see if there were any plugins that would solve my needs with ease....

Enabling Friendly Permalinks in WordPress & IIS

This walkthrough describes how to enable “Friendly Permalinks” for blog posts in the WordPress blog engine that is installed on IIS 7 and above. Typically, without URL rewriting functionality on a Web server, WordPress users must use “Almost Friendly” URLs, for...

Website Administration Tool in Visual Studio 2013

Recently I updated from Visual Studio 2012 Pro to Visual Studio 2013 Pro. While working on a website with Asp.Net and MySql, I was looking for the Website Administration Tool. As you can guess, it was missing under the Website [Website –> Asp.Net Properties]...

Working with Authorize.Net libraries in C# – Part 1

  Recently we started working on a new .Net project for selling services on a website. Obviously the question about build vs. buy came about and we decided to build due to some of the not so common requirements for the client.  One of the requirements for...

Adding custom page titles to WordPress pages

This tutorial assumes that you are using a standard installation of WordPress 3.3.1 with Twenty Eleven 1.3 theme by the WordPress team. Recently one of my clients wanted to add the ability to define custom titles for each page on their site. This ability is not...

Adding ‘favicon’ to wordpress

On most hosting services all you will have to do to get favicon to show up in the browser bar (including my own hosting service) is to place the favicon.ico file in the root folder of the hosting service. Today I encountered a problem with one of the hosting services...

Simple plugin to add keywords and description to wordpress pages

Recently I worked on a wordpress website project that has potential information on every page of the site. By default meta tags are provided in the header section of your wordpress site to include keywords and description of your website. It’s recommended. But...

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